Reyhane Petrochemical​

Reyhane Petrochemical

REYHANE is an international trading company which firstly based in Europe (Berlin/Germany and The Hague/Netherlands) in 1991 and expanded the field with Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Russia and BAE branch offices.

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Legalism, international and national laws administration which is related to mission of company is another fundamental value of company.

Making alignment and coordination between company goals and employees’ private goals for create a balance between work and family life. It has moral value to improve satisfaction of employees and their families.

Continuous excellence of the performance in all organizational aspects, increase quality and sustainability of products, increase customer satisfaction and also concern for human dignity is a value for Reyhane Petrochemical Ltd.

Human resource and capital efficiency and moral and spiritual and financial capital maintenance are of value in Reyhane Petrochemical Ltd.

Preserving and protecting of shareholders rights and other beneficiaries is one of company’s fundamental values.

Development of learning culture, being innovative and creative, continuous improvement, group work, group participation, being knowledge-based, being responsible and having customer oriented strategy is sentimental values for Reyhane Petrochemical Ltd.